Burning man


Burning man festival se koná každoročně v Nevadské poušti. Na týden tady vyroste město plné uměleckých soch a nejrůznějších instalací, podivných vozidel, maskovaných příšer, vévodí mu snový chrám a obří socha muže. Na konci festivalu se jako symbol pomíjivosti město zapálí, shoří a tak beze stopy zmizí.


TRANSIENCE, birth and death. At the beginning of the festival we are going to erect the dandelions. At the end the dandelions will be blown out – burnt and the awareness of Czech art will be spread in the world.




Production technology of founding the dandelion – based on the principle of founding so called Czech maypole – we will drill the hole into the ground with the hole-digger and wedge. The stalk of the dandelion will be made of the wooden stake, upon which a ball made of wooden triangles will be placed. The principle of putting together triangles into the geodesic dome was invented by Buckminster Fuller. Triangles will be made of wooden lathes, which lengths be measured in the 3D model. Steel joints will be used for connecting the pales. There will be two options of filling the triangles – weave with strings or stretch the fabric – spandex. Dandelions will be lit by UV light. The textile filling and strings will shine in the fluorescent UV light.



GEOSPHERE – is composed of two hemispheres consist of six pentagons and ten equilateral triangles

FLANGE – geosphere will be seated on a stake using a wooden flange.

STAKE – erect the stake by auxiliary poles and ropes

STAKE FOUNDING, WEDGES – the stake will be embedded in the hole in the ground and wedged. In case of worse geological conditions the stake will be fixed by foundation in road panels


WOODEN LATHES – there will be two different lenghts of wooden lathes

JOINTS – battens will be connected by joint of steel sheets

STRINGING PATTERN / LYCRA – geosphere triangles will be interwoven by strings or filled with a special stretch fabric – lycra

UV LIGHT – objects will be lightened by UV light

UV BODYPAINTING – dandelion visitors will receive a special gift in the form of a temporary tattoo




Dandelion visitors will receive a special gift in the form of a temporary tattoo – UV bodypainting. By that we want to ensure interactivity of the object and attract participants to visit installation even at night. Our installation will be in compliance with all ten principles of the festival Burning Man.


Co-author: Lilith Urbanczyk Type and year: Competition, 2017 Estimated cost: 152 000 CZK