New life for Kras, the former factory complex

Brno, 2015


The complex is located in the Old Brno, a typical inner periphery of Brno. It is placed between the city center and the Pisarky villa residential area, creating a zone of transformation from the bustling city to the calm zone. Most of the area occupies the Brno Exhibition Centre bounded by the Svratka river on the south.



1/ Area 

Kras, the former factory lined with a barrier of higher buildings, a heating plant and a chimney

2/ Urban blocks 

dividing the territory into blocks respecting the scale of the existing buildings



3/ Character of new buildings

partly in addition to the city blocks, partly have solitary character as the nearby Exhibition Centre

4/ Function 

the main function is housing supplemented by public functions



 5/ Transportation and parking

The area is available for cars by a primary road. Parking is on the terrain and underground, too.

6/ Public space and greenery

The pedestrian zone continues to the public space and an observation tower rises above.




KOMA modular system

The modular KOMA system is a complex building system.


Spatial arrangement

We use advantages of the modular construction. We place to the regular grid of the KOMA units units with specific functions. The specific units are distinct by colour and sometimes they are sticked out from the basic structure. Cantilevers aren´t problem with the system of frames witch could by built like a simple game.



KO- working

Shared workspace for independent professionals or cooperation for different persons. Freelancers have the possibility to observe normal working hours and have their own working enviroment.There can use rentable conference rooms, workshop rooms or use the space for lectures or exhibitions.

Level 1

final2 Model (1)

Level 2

final2 Model (1)

KO- housing

New way of living that emphasizes relationships between people and at the same time preserves independence.

Concept of privacy


Sleeping capsules

They ensure privacy and are the place where you can be undisturbed by others. They include secure storage and allow tenants to charge their electronic devices.


Level 3

final2 Model (1)

Level 4

final2 Model (1)

Level 5

final2 Model (1)

Level 6

final2 Model (1)

Street elevation

final2 Model (1)

Courtyard elevation

final2 Model (1)


final2 Model (1)

Author: Barbora Štefková & Alena Žáková Location: Brno [CZ] Type and year: Architectural competition, 2015 Status: Semi-finalist Visualizations: David Švanda